Privacy policy

We’re committed not just to your privacy, but improving the way our digital world works. That’s why we want to strip back the data that is hoovered up by the online advertising giants as you quietly navigate the internet.

We avoid using Google Analytics on our pages because we don’t want them to be tracking your visit to our sites with ‘cookies’ that they then use to build profiles of you to sell to advertisers. Similarly we have no Facebook ‘hidden pixels’ or ‘like buttons’ that do the same.

It is incredibly easy to collect all sorts of behavioural and identifiable personal data from online activity but we operate on a principle of only keeping what is absolutely necessary. If you come and view any of our content on our websites we don’t know who you are and that’s how it should be.

If, however, you choose to become a Led By Donkeys supporter (firstly, thank you) you will be submitting a bunch of personal data to us and to companies that own the payment tools that we use. For Direct Debit contributions we use GoCardless (here’s their privacy policy), and for one off payments we use PayPal (privacy policy).

As specified on the donation page, being a supporter means being on the inside-track of what we are up to, so your email address is also stored on our email platform called SendInBlue (privacy policy). Unsubscribing from these occasional emails is only ever a click away at the bottom of any message.

It hardly bears saying but we’d never give or sell your data to anyone else (the people who do that are ghouls) and we make sure all the information we store is securely encrypted and requires multi-factor authentication to access.

We hope this gives you comfort that we take your online privacy seriously. We are also constantly learning and wanting to do better so if you think there’s anything we could improve on please get in touch at [email protected]

Thank you,


Last updated 22 July 2021

Registered address: Led By Donkeys Ltd, 71-75 Shelton Street, London, WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom